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At Home Workouts with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Adaptive Sports & Fitness Home Workouts

At home workout series by the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Adaptive Sports & Fitness team.


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Intracortical Inhibition in Humans with Spinal Cord Injury

This study investigates the intracortical inhibition in humans with cervical spinal cord injury. We particularly aim to understand the inhibitory mechanism for the control of upper arm muscles to further promote rehabilitation protocol.

Research Project

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Spasticity Assessments Research Project

The purpose of the study was to examine the contribution of passive muscle stiffness and active spinal reflex mechanisms to clinical outcomes of spasticity after SCI.

Research Project

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Check Your Form: Five Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment 

Right now, it’s so important to find ways to keep moving! This home workout requires no equipment, uses minimal space and targets your upper and lower body.


At Home Workouts

At Home Workout: PWR!Moves Exercises

PWR!Moves Exercise is specifically designed to help individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease to use exercise for symptom management.


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Neuromodulation Clinical Trial

Age Range 18-80

Clinical Trial

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Using Sensors and EMG Biofeedback to Increase Upper Limb Voluntary Output after Stroke or SCI

We combine sensors with fun, interactive computer games in order to strengthen arm muscles after stroke or SCI! Free program offered by the Perez Lab.

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At Home Workouts

At Home Workout: Upper Body Strength with Dumbbells

This at-home workout routine will help improve your upper body strength for daily activities.


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Descending Pathways + Spasticity

This study explore the contribution of descending motor pathways to the development of spasticity and motor recovery with the aim to implement effective rehabilitative intervention.

Research Project

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Vibration Project For Muscle Spasms

Learning the mechanisms behind spasms and spasticity, and using them to appropriately manage them post spinal cord injury.

Research Project