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New rehabilitation hospital opens in Abu Dhabi

Hospital aims to reduce the number of residents who travel abroad for rehabilitation


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Downtown Chicago

Ditching the "Dis-"

Joanne C. Smith, MD shares the career-defining moment that changed the way she approached patients with differing abilities.


feet comfortably in a bed

Are Weighted Blankets the Secret to Better Sleep?

We all need hugs, but some children, especially those with sensory disorders, are seeking better sleep with the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket.


Crain’s Names Shirley Ryan AbilityLab CEO to List of “Notable Women Executives Over 50”

Crain’s Names Dr. Smith to List of “Notable Women Executives Over 50”

In the April 29 issue of Crain’s Chicago Business, Joanne C. Smith, president and CEO, was named to the inaugural “Notable Women Executives Over 50” list.


woman holding face with hands in pain

7 Shocking Ways Stress Can Physically Change Your Brain

In small doses, stress can motivate you to get things done and, under more dire circumstances, can even help keep you safe. But when stress becomes chronic, you may start to experience all sorts of side effects and symptoms as a result. And, rather shockingly, stress can even cause physical changes in your brain.


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Wrist orthosis and muscle coordination

Age Range 18-85 years old

Clinical Trial

Tobi's art, a past patient at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Showcases Patient Art at New Exhibit at Hotel Chicago

Hotel Chicago West Loop partners with Shirley Ryan AbilityLab to showcase more than 30 pieces of art by patients with functional impairments.


AbilityLab sign outside on East Erie Street

AbilityLab set to test a $6 million tool

The top-ranked rehab hospital has spent eight years developing and refining what it calls the Ability Quotient, a quality assessment tool that measures patients’ progress to guide doctors and insurers.


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Multimodal Treatment for Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain

Age Range Between 21-90 years of age

Clinical Trial