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Learning for Improved Outcomes: The Academy is the not-for-profit educational arm of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. We offer a wide range of accredited online and in-person courses, webinars, and hands-on programs with the common goal of improving patient outcomes. 


COVID-19 UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we have converted our Annual Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury courses to an online format. Our Vision and Cerebral Palsy courses have been rescheduled for later this summer. If you were registered for one of these impacted courses, you should have received an email with further information. Please contact the Academy@sralab.org if you have any questions. Thanks for all that you do for your patients and their families at this difficult time!  

Featured Learning

Online Parkinson's Disease

A Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Approach to Parkinson's Disease

Starting this June, join us for a 6 week ONLINE course where a team of experts will lead you through the progression of the disease, best practices and applicable clinical skills.

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Stroke Course

26th Annual Stroke Course: In for the Long Haul

Join us on July 9-10 for an ONLINE course that will address many of the needs and requests along the journey after a stroke from inpatient rehabilitation, to outpatient care, to adjusting to life back in the community.

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Spinal Cord Injury Course

43rd Annual Interdisciplinary Spinal Cord Injury Course

Join us on June 3-5, for an ONLINE interdisciplinary course designed to keep you abreast of the very latest resources and strategies that allow individuals with SCI/D to achieve their highest quality of life.

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Learn from home or attend one of our hands-on programs.

NEW! Sign up for a live webinar and we will automatically enroll you in the on-demand version if you miss it.

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New! Sign up for a live webinar and we will automatically enroll you in the on-demand version if you miss it.

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