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patient holds ball with hands during therapy with PT

Former College Hoops Star Fights MS: 'She's Not Going To Give Up'

After insurance refused to pay for six-figure stem-cell transplant, Jasmine Matthews kept fighting, launching a Go Fund Me campaign.


man dancing in wheel chair

Humboldt Park man driven by dance to walk again

A combination of perseverance and passion for dance is the driving force behind the recovery of a Humboldt Park man.


Monica Rho, MD, Selected as AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador

Monica Rho, MD, Selected as AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recently announced that Monica Rho, MD, chief, Musculoskeletal Medicine, is one of 125 professionals chosen for the organization’s new IF/THEN program.


example of a sensor developed at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Healthcare Outside of the Hospital

3 remote monitoring devices are transforming how we track health


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kevin and Erica on the ice after Blackhawks sled hockey game

Surprise on the Ice After Blackhawks Victory with Kevin and Erica

After meeting more than 10 years ago through our Blackhawks Sled Hockey team, Kevin proposed to Erica after a victory on the ice.

Patient Story

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How does age impact shoulder muscles?

Age Range 18-85

Clinical Trial

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