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Physical therapy for frozen shoulder

Overcoming A Frozen Shoulder: What to know about this common diagnosis

Typically affecting people between the ages of 40 and 60, "frozen shoulder" is a condition marked by stiffness of the shoulder joint capsule, a bag-like structure that surrounds the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. When the capsule becomes stiff, it severely limits shoulder motion.


Dr. Monica Rho

CBS's Mission Unstoppable Features Dr. Monica Rho

The CBS show Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove recently featured Monica Rho, MD, in a story about physiatry.


Paradigm and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Logos

Paradigm and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Announce First-of-Its Kind, Value-Based Partnership

Collaboration to deliver better outcomes and greater predictability in patient recoveries WALNUT

Press Release

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Wall Street Journal: New Long Covid Treatments Borrow From Brain Rehab Tactics

Cognitive problems are among the most persistent and common lasting effects of Covid. Now some patients are getting help from brain rehab programs.


Chris Ward and his family

Chicago Tribune: Glen Ellyn dad has survived COVID-19, 9/11 and cancer

Chris Ward was diagnosed with COVID-19 the day before Thanksgiving. He had a headache, a rarity for him, and got a rapid test to rule out the virus before the holiday.

By the day after Thanksgiving, his heart was racing and he spiked a fever, so he went to the hospital.

He didn’t leave until February.


Novel device records, senses and manipulates “mini-brains”

Tiny Machine Poised to Unlock Brain’s Mysteries

Novel device records, senses and manipulates “mini-brains”


Woman rock climbing

A Guide to Rock Climbing Post-Pandemic

Rock climbing is a rigorous sport that is very demanding on the whole body. From the fingertips to the toes, large forces are constantly being placed on small structures, which can create a potential for injury.



Physical Activity Engagement

Our goal is also to understand factors that maybe related to individual engagement in physical activity and how that changes in certain conditions e.g. lung cancer diagnosis or mitigation strategies of COVID-19.

Research Project

Strength and endurance lab

Outcomes of Musculoskeletal Treatments

Our work in this area focuses on outlining factors that maybe related to the outcome of musculoskeletal procedures or treatments for degenerative musculoskeletal conditions.

Research Project

wheelchair sports athletics teams

Adaptive Sports Research

We are investigating physical activity and common injuries in individuals playing adaptive sports.

Research Project

women playing soccer

Knee Osteoarthritis

Learn more about our projects and focus on assisting sports injury and biological markers for knee joint distress.

Research Project