Rehabilitation Hospital


How Do I Choose the Right Rehabilitation Hospital?


It’s important to be confident about the quality of care you will receive when entering a rehabilitation or treatment program. There are certain things to look for and questions to ask when narrowing down your list of options. Here are a few things to consider as you make your decision.

Are they a specialty-care hospital?


The hospital you choose should be ranked and accredited in the field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Why is having significant experience in treating my loved one’s condition important?


Your care team should be experts in their respective fields. By dedicating their lives to helping patients recover following an injury, their expertise guides the recovery process more efficiently and effectively, giving patients the best opportunity for the best outcome.

What is an interdisciplinary team and what are the benefits to having one during recovery?


An interdisciplinary team is made of experts from many specialties. For example, it can include therapists, doctors, psychologists and researchers to name a few. Together they work to set individual patient goals, tackle challenges and innovate solutions that improve patient recovery. This dynamic team is structured to each patient, to support your loved one’s unique needs.

Is research an important aspect in recovery?


Clinicians, scientists, innovators and technologists should be collaborators, discovering new approaches and applying research in real time. A hospital that quickly adopts new approaches and evidence-based practices can lead to better outcomes.

What should family members expect when a loved one is admitted?


Family members should be encouraged to participate in their loved one’s therapy sessions and to be present during nursing care. Involvement in these activities is important because it will help the family feel comfortable as their loved one gains independence and plans to go home or to the next level of care.

Family education, an on-site library and resource center, and peer mentor programs also provide relevant information and support to both families and patients throughout the recovery process.

How should they prepare us for discharge?


The facility should be equipped with Activity of Daily Living (ADL) spaces to practice navigating a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom during therapy. Dedicated social workers and discharge planners should be involved in helping obtain equipment and transportation, and with other needs.

Do they have programs for continued care afer leaving the hospital?


Your loved one may require additional therapy after they are discharged. Outpatient and DayRehab programs make sure progress continues with the same level of quality.

Rehabilitation Hospital Checklist


  • The care team is interdisciplinary and highly specialized in caring for patients with my injury or condition
  • Patients are on floors based on their condition, with other patients like them who can offer support and comfort
  • Imaging on site to facilitate easy updates, less transfers
  • Treatment plan is customized to meet my unique goals
  • Evidence-based practices in place to support better outcomes
  • Family participation is highly encouraged and resources for my family are easy to find
  • Options available for continued care after discharge from inpatient facility
  • Additional therapy options available like aquatic therapy, pet therapy

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