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Now Accepting Volunteer Applications


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is accepting new volunteer applications for commitments beginning in September. All interested applicants must supply COVID-19 vaccination records and other requested immunizations.

Current volunteers will be contacted about the return process. Please email with questions.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

How Do Volunteers Make A Difference?


Volunteers are central to how patients and families feel about their care at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. We cherish our volunteers because they add diversity, dimension and vibrancy to how we — and you — express compassion.

There is no other research hospital in the world that will be practicing “translational” medicine, i.e., research will be directly applied (or “translated”) during therapy, with doctors and researchers working in the same space, real time, 24/7, with patients. Our stunning building is architecturally designed to create this seamless integration.

In matching our volunteers to opportunities, we work at balancing organizational needs with your interests, skills, talents and schedule. As integral members of our healthcare team, the contributions of volunteers are far-reaching:

  • Administrative support — Providing office support service to help with patient care administration during business hours.
  • Child and adolescent services — Helping children by providing encouragement, assisting with meals and participating in recreational activities during weekdays and in the evenings.
  • Patient services — Visiting adult patients and sharing in their lives by helping them read mail, write letters, make phone calls, eat meals and participate in activities and events during weekdays and in the evenings.
  • Therapy sessions — Working with staff and patients in physical and occupational therapy group sessions during weekday mornings and afternoons.
  • Therapeutic recreation — Reinforcing social and therapeutic processes by helping patients participate in crafts, games and entertainment activities during weekday evenings.
  • Adaptive Sports and Fitness Program  — Providing support to athletes and program coordinators during Adaptive Sports Program practices and competitions, and helping out with and chaperoning Caring for Kids Programs. Daytime, evening and weekend volunteer opportunities are available in a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.


Requirements for Volunteering

  • 5 hour orientation session
  • 150 Hour Commitment 
  • Medical Requirements, including TB testing
  • Criminal Background Check (18 years and older)

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