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Promoting Patient-Centered Care through use of Standardized Assessments

KT DRRP is a grant supported research project involving a cooperative of research scientists and researchers joined for the advancement of science.

Research Project

Hybrid Prosthetic Leg

Intuitive Control of a Hybrid Prosthetic Leg During Ambulation

A lightweight powered prosthesis with a safe, intuitive control system.

Research Project

Virtual Reality to Treat Phantom Limb Pain

Intuitively Controlled Virtual Reality System to Treat Phantom Limb Pain

We will develop a commercially viable VR rehabilitation system (called the Coapt PLP Management System) which can be deployed at home or in-clinic for individuals with upper or lower limb amputations.

Research Project

MyoNode System Implant Diagram

Real Time Control of a Powered Prosthetic Leg Using Implanted EMG Signals with Sensory Feedback

We will conduct a first-in-human clinical trial to evaluate the effect of incorporating intramuscular EMG signals (obtained using a fully wireless implantable system), compared to surface EMG signals, on function ambulation and non-weight-bearing control of a powered leg prosthesis.

Research Project

detail of repaired nerve

Electrical stimulation and Botox combination therapy to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration after injury

This project combines two treatments for advancement in peripheral nerve injury to regenerate damaged tissues with Botox and eSTIM.

Research Project

black and red microscopic somatal imagery

Modeling effects of common genetic polymorphisms on peripheral nerve injury recovery

Every year, over 200,000 Americans sustain a peripheral nerve injury (PNI). Although peripheral nerves have the ability to spontaneously regenerate, 90% of PNI patients do not regain full motor function. Despite ongoing research, the main treatment for peripheral nerve injury—surgery— continues to be performed without the assistance of any medication or other therapies to enhance the rate of axon regrowth.

Research Project

"Worse Than Cancer" COVID Survivor Recounts in Vivid Detail His Six-Week Recovery

"Worse Than Cancer" COVID Survivor Recounts in Vivid Detail His Six-Week Recovery

ABC’s Good Morning America recently published a short film featuring world-renowned documentary filmmaker Gordon Quinn on his experiences as a patient with COVID-19.


Jacob Brewer at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Teen struck by lightning in Florida now improving with treatment in Chicago

A teenager who survived being hit by lightning in Florida is making strides with treatment in Chicago.


three spheroid thunderlillies

Novel tools for in vitro electrophysiology and neurotrauma modeling

We aim to create new technology and techniques for studying physical and neurological trauma, using sensors, heaters, LED and arrays.

Research Project

One year anniversary celebration in Abu Dhabi

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Affiliated Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi, an affiliate hospital of Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, celebrates one year since founding.