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Summer Internship in Engineering and Neuroscience

Posted By Daniel Ludvig, Ph.D.



The focus of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Summer Internship in Engineering and Neuroscience is the research experience. Students will be integrated into a research team focusing on issues in engineering and neuroscience within one of several laboratories. Students are assigned a research project and are guided by their research advisor over the course of the summer. At the end of the program, students present the results of their research to their peers and the research community. This program allows students to obtain hands-on experience in the development, execution, analysis, and presentation of research in engineering and neuroscience while earning $720/week for 8-12 weeks.

The 2024 Summer Internship will have a start date between May 22 and June 17 and will last between 8 to 12 weeks (length and start date may be flexible and vary from lab-to-lab) 

Internship opportunities will be posted here as they arise. All internship applications are on a rolling basis and will close once a candidate has been selected.

This summer the following labs will have internship opportunities:

More internship opportunities may be posted in the future. 


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