We strive to understand how the nervous system controls the motor units within a muscle so as to generate smooth and precise changes in overall muscle force. We also investigate the intrinsic properties of the motor neurons that innervate relevant muscle fiber populations in providing such control.
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Hypoxia for SCI rehab
PROJECT TYPE: Spinal Cord Injury

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Selected Publications

Effect of acute intermittent hypoxia on motor function in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury following ibuprofen pretreatment: A pilot study.

Acute intermittent hypoxia (AIH) enhances lower extremity motor function in humans with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI). AIH-induced spinal plasticity is inhibited by systemic inflammation in animal models. Since SCI is frequently associated with systemic inflammation in humans, we tested the hypothesis that pretreatment with the anti-inflammatory agent ibuprofen enhances the effects of AIH.

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Spatial analysis of muscular activations in stroke survivors.

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