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Scientists study Placebo effects on chronic pain

Placebo Sweet Spot for Pain Identified in Brain

New technology will enable targeted pain medication based on individual’s brain response and allow clinical trials to more accurate weed out placebo responders


Close up of human cells

3D Imaging of Muscles Points to Potential Treatments for Muscle Diseases and Injuries

A new form of 3D imaging of muscles has allowed researchers to “see” inside muscle and trace long cables made up of a protein called collagen.


Image of neural networks of the brain

Classic Video Game System Used to Improve Understanding of the Brain

RIC researcher uses Donkey Kong to help guide new approaches in neuroscience


Think and Speak Lab rendering

Leora Cherney, PhD, Named Research Chair for Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Dr. Cherney to serve as chair of Think + Speak Lab within RIC’s new research hospital.

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Optical Fibers

Relationship Between Intramuscular Pressure and Muscle Force

We are developing a minimally invasive tool to measure muscle force using fiber optics.

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Device used to measure sarcomere length

Intraoperative Sarcomere Length Measurements

We have found that spastic muscle, although having a normal stretch reflex, has a significantly higher intrinsic muscle stiffness compared to control muscle.

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Biceps EFOV Ultrasound

Motor Impairment Related Changes in Muscles Properties in Chronic Stroke

Interested in understanding if the chronic neural impairments & disuse of the upper limb associated with hemiparetic stroke lead to changes in muscle structure

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Heather and her family after stroke recovery

New Mom Recovers from Stroke After Birth of First Baby

Heather experienced every new mother's nightmare: a sudden stroke after birth. After visiting RIC, and her family's support, she now keeps up with her son.

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X-Glove Demo

Altering Activation Patterns in the Distal Upper Extremity After Stroke

This study evaluates a new rehabilitation approach for stroke survivors in the chronic phase of recovery in which the combination of drug therapy (cyproheptadine) and active movement practice (AMP) is used to encourage increased voluntary muscle control and strength.

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Making tea with wheelchair

Manual Standing Wheelchair

Researchers at the AbilityLab have designed the first-ever manual standing wheelchair that allows users to be mobile in both sitting and standing modes.

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Targeted Reinnervation for Below-Elbow Amputation

We will quantify the effect of TMR on persons with below-elbow amputation

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