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Future Directions

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation

During TMR nerves in an amputee’s residual arm are transferred to target muscles that no longer perform a useful function because of the amputation.

Research Project

inEMG setup

Intramuscular EMG Signal Processing

Our objective is to develop new implanted EMG systems to expand the algorithms used to extract information, improve performance and make configuration easier. 

Research Project

Partial hand test fixture

Improving Control of Robotic Hand Prostheses

This project uses a computer algorithm that can learn patterns and determine what movement the user intends to make. The user can thus control the prosthesis.

Research Project

Advanced Control System for Powered Prostheses
michelle at cubs stadium

An Active Life with Cerebral Palsy

Born with CP, Michelle started receiving rehabilitation when she was only 6. Since then, she has made amazing changes and now leads a full, active teenage life.

Patient Story


Powered Prosthetic Arm

The Center for Bionic Medicine designed a powered prosthetic arm that is specifically designed to be smaller and lighter than currently available prostheses.

Research Project

Satellite image of Chicago

Community Mobility after Stroke Using Smartphones

Phones are a highly functional wearable sensor. This project looks at data gathered from the phone while those who have survived stroke carry a phone daily.

Research Project

Nancy Knowles Garden

Nancy Knowles Bequeaths Generous Eight-Figure Gift

Knowles’ gift will support the capital campaign for the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, RIC’s state-of-the-art research hospital, set to open in March 2017.


Pat and Shirley Ryan with Joanne C. Smith and Jude Reyes

Record Gift for New Research Hospital

Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan have pledged the largest charitable investment in the organization’s 63-year history and will support AbilityLab


Brain scans in chemo thearpy

Treating Chemo Brain in Breast Cancer Survivors

Study proposes systematic screening to identify and address phenomenon of “chemo fog,” a cognitive condition affecting thinking, perception and communication.


Ryan Novack gets rehabilitation after SCI

Sights Set on Returning to Active Duty after Spinal Cord Injury

Ryan Novack was in an off-road motorcycle accident that broke his spine.

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