Seated Dance


Wednesdays 3–3:45 pm and Fridays 10:45–11:30 am

Cost (Fitness Center Only)

$45 one-time registration fee, $110 11-week session or $15 drop-in fee

Fitness Level

All Fitness Ability Levels





Adaptive Sports & Fitness Center and Outpatient Physical Therapy, 541 N. Fairbanks Court, Mezzanine Level, Chicago, IL 60611


A dance class with easy-to-follow choreography and high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Dances mimic interval training to maximize calorie burn and keep you moving. This class is for all fitness levels. The goal of our new dance cardio class is to help improve coordination, memory, range of motion and cardiovascular endurance. 

Please note that most dances are taught standing and can be performed either seated or standing.

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