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An Exploration of Acute Intermittent Hypoxia as a tool to Enhance Neural Recovery in Stroke Survivors; a pilot safety study.

IRB Protocol Number STU00208610


Alexander Barry


This is a Phase I safety study. Our plan consists of dose-escalation exposures with continual assessment of hypoxic conditioning impact in individuals with chronic stroke. We plan to measure changes in arm strength and hand grip strength before AIH, and following each AIH exposure sequence. We will use a three-second maximum contraction, and calculate the mean of three grip strength estimates at each time epoch, with at least a 60 second rest periods between trials to prevent fatigue. We will test elbow flexion and extension strength, using a commercial dynamometer in a similar fashion.

Who Can Participate

Those who have experienced  A first time, unilateral, ischemic, hemispheric stroke, confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); 6 months post stroke



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