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acute intermittent hypoxia

Clinical Trial

HANDS: A Multi-Center Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

IRB Protocol Number STU00206247


Alexander Barry


A study to investigate the effectiveness of daily acute intermittent hypoxia therapy (dAIH), coupled with a massed practice intervention or the use of high repetition training with the Rapael Glove, to improve upper-extremity function in individuals with chronic incomplete cervical SCI.

Who Can Participate

  • History of spinal cord injury between the levels of C3-T1
  • At least 6 months since the onset of injury.
  • No history of heart problems.
  • Not currently participating in another research study.



If you agree to take part in this research study, we will pay you the following for for your time and effort:

  •  $40 for the initial screening visit
  •  $40 for overnight oximetry assessment
  •  $40 for each training session that you complete with intermittent hypoxia and/or training
  •  $40 for each baseline and follow-up assessment session

If you visit the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab but are not able to complete the session that day, you will be paid $20 for your time and travel expenses. We expect each training session to last no more than 4 hours. However, if the session goes beyond 4 hours or if your total travel cost exceeds the reimbursement provided, you will be paid $10 for each additional hour. If you travel more than 20 miles to visit the laboratory, then you will be provided an additional $20 for each session you attend.

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