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Northwestern students collaborate with RIC to find solutions

RIC Featured in Wall Street Journal

In collaboration with NU “Design Thinking & Communications” course with funding from NIDILRR


Deborah participates in adaptive archery

Living Fully with Multiple Sclerosis

At a poetry reading, a fellow attendee noticed Deborah’s gait and asked, "MS?” A later week-long hospital stay and battery of tests confirmed she did have MS.

Patient Story

close up of bionic leg

Bionic Leap Forward with First Thought-Controlled Leg

Journal of the American Medical Association profiles study of new non-invasive thought-controlled leg that learns and adjusts with each step


Laetitia & mom in the Life Center

Learning to Get Up Again After a Spinal Cord Injury

While on a horseback ride in Beirut, Laetitia fell and suffered a severe spinal cord injury leaving her completely paralyzed.

Patient Story

Adaptive Cycling

Cycling Program

The Adaptive Cycling Program is great way to stay in cycling shape, stay active and build endurance for competition.


Junior wheelchair softball player pitching ball

Junior Competitive Sports Program

Competitive Junior Sports is ideal for youth seeking to develop their sports skills in wheelchair basketball, track and field, and wheelchair softball.


Sargent Anderson works out in our Adaptive Fitness Center

Military Sports Program

The Military Sports programs are open to military personnel with a primary physical disability.


Youth Adaptive Sports Program Image taken at the zoo

Youth Adaptive Sports Year-Round Programs

Youth Adaptive Sports School Year Programs offers a variety of recreational, social and sports activities from September through June.


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Blackhawks Sled Hockey

Sled Hockey

Blackhawks Sled Hockey was formed in the fall of 1999 with the support of Chicago Blackhawks Charities, and remains a robust presence in the sled hockey arena.


Adaptive & Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball

The basketball program promotes growth in fundamental skills of basketball while teaching life skills of sportsmanship, dedication, & friendships.


Kendrick and his PT

Back After a Traumatic Brain Injury

After a traumatic brain injury, Kendrick was no longer an active toddler. Our team of therapists committed to helping him regain as much ability as possible.

Patient Story

Ethan and his wife overcome the life change of limb loss

Renewed Vigor Following a Quadruple Amputation

Ethan was enjoying his work as a healthcare consultant after graduating from Northwestern. In January 2015 an infection led to a life-changing outcome..

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