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An Inspirational Man who Paints with His Mouth


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recent episode of Steve, Steve Harvey’s talk show, told the story of Antonio Davis. Antonio was shot and left paralyzed 24 years ago. Today, he is an accomplished, world-renowned artist who paints using his mouth (a technique he learned through Shirley Ryan AbilityLab's art therapy program).

During the show, Antonio discussed his mentorship of young artists and his dream to open an art gallery. He also gave a shout out to Shirley Ryan AbilityLab!

From Steve


This next story is truly remarkable. Steve Harvey is about to meet Antonio - who has an extraordinary story of his tragedy turning into triumph while realizing his God-given talent in the process.

24 years ago, Antonio was shot and paralyzed. Back then, Antonio had to relearn how to do simple tasks differently due to his paralysis - one of which was painting.

Since he couldn't paint well with his hands, an occupational therapist recommended using his mouth.

Today, Antonio gives back to his community by mentors kids and inspire creativity.

"I want to open up an Art Gallery so that all people can come and be inspired," says Antonio.

"I work with kids of all ages. Highland Park and the children’s Richard J. Daly College saw my paintings and asked for me to help the kids. They never seen so many children interested in paintings. It’s more the power of the healing arts and the cultural connection."

To help get Antonio started, Steve Harvey partnered up with Bluprint, the site that helps creative people make their ideas a reality. Like Antonio, they believe in the power of creativity to change peoples lives. To support Antonio's mission they're giving him $10,000.

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