three spheroid thunderlillies


We aim to create new technology and techniques for studying physical and neurological trauma, using sensors, heaters, LED and arrays. 

Complex three-dimensional cultures, known as spheroids, organoids, and assembloids, have been developed to recreate structural features of human neuronal tissues in vitro not adequately modelled by two-dimensional cultures. The goal of this project to is to create new technology and techniques for studying electrophysiology and neurotrauma with three-dimensional cultures. This includes three-dimensional multi-electrode arrays, oxygen sensors, heaters, and LEDs. We use these in combination with our in-vitro three-dimensional neural cultures and devices to study neurotrauma and electrophysiological behavior in networked neurons.

purple spheroid

Human cortical (brain) spheroid made from induced pluripotent stem cells stained for different types of brain cells (neurons and astrocytes).


Lead lab members: Kristen Cotton, Ally Togliatti, Dr. Colin Franz
Collaborators: Dr. John Finan lab, Dr. John Rogers lab, Yonggang Huang

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