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Dysphagia Characteristics of Patients Post SARS-Co-V2 during Inpatient Rehabilitation.

Health Promotion and Wellness in Neurologic Physical Therapy: Strategies to Advance Practice.

Quality of life after Globus Pallidus vs Subthalamic nucleus DBS; insights from the Parkinson's Outcomes Project registry

A new phase of the Parkinson's Outcomes Project Registry Study

A day in the life: a qualitative study of clinical decision-making and uptake of neurorehabilitation technology.

Cost-Effectiveness of High-intensity Training vs Conventional Therapy for Individuals With Subacute Stroke.

Motor Dysfunction in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: A Rehabilitation Framework for Prodromal Synucleinopathy.

Employment Resources for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Resource Review and Needs Assessment.

Expediting telehealth use in clinical research studies: recommendations for overcoming barriers in North America.

Designing a screening battery for exercisers with Parkinson's disease.

Frameworks for Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation Addressing When, What, and How.

Patterns and predictors of referrals to allied health services for individuals with Parkinson's disease: A Parkinson's foundation (PF) QII study.


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Variations in hospitalization rates across Parkinson's Foundation Centers of Excellence.

Employment Resources for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Resource Review and Needs Assessment.

Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Screening Program for People With Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders

Pragmatic adaptation of implementation research measures for a novel context and multiple professional roles: a factor analysis study.


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Using Implementation Frameworks to Provide Proactive Physical Therapy for People With Parkinson Disease: Case Report.


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Effects of 2 Years of Exercise on Gait Impairment in People With Parkinson Disease: The PRET-PD Randomized Trial.

Regular Exercise, Quality of Life, and Mobility in Parkinson's Disease: A Longitudinal Analysis of National Parkinson Foundation Quality Improvement Initiative Data.