Altering Activation Patterns in Upper Extremity After Stroke

In our studies of the impairment mechanisms of hand motor control after stroke, we have been struck by two phenomena which arise following the original brain lesions.
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Selected Publications

Analysis of muscle fiber conduction velocity during finger flexion and extension after stroke.

BACKGROUND: Stroke survivors experience greater strength deficits during finger extension than finger flexion. Prior research indicates relatively little observed weakness is directly attributable to muscle atrophy. Changes in other muscle properties, however, may contribute to strength deficits. OBJECTIVES: This study measured muscle fiber conduction velocity (MFCV) in a finger flexor and extensor muscle to infer changes in muscle fiber-type after stroke. METHODS: Conduction velocity was…

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Benefits of using a voice and EMG-driven actuated glove to support occupational therapy for stroke survivors.

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Use of a Portable Assistive Glove to Facilitate Rehabilitation in Stroke Survivors With Severe Hand Impairment.

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