Tresch Neuromechanics Laboratory

We study the mechanisms and strategies responsible for the coordination of movement by motor systems, focusing on the spinal cord.
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Our Projects

Take a look at a few of the projects we work on everyday.

Selected Publications

A Probabilistic Analysis of Muscle Force Uncertainty for Control.

BACKGROUND: We control the movements of our body and limbs through our muscles. However, the forces produced by our muscles depend unpredictably on the commands sent to them. This uncertainty has two sources: irreducible noise in the motor system's processes (i.e., motor noise) and variability in the relationship between muscle commands and muscle outputs (i.e., model uncertainty). Any controller, neural or artificial, benefits from estimating these uncertainties when choosing commands. METHODS…

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Estimation of musculoskeletal models from in situ measurements of muscle action in the rat hindlimb.

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The case for and against muscle synergies.

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