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Promoting Patient-Centered Care through use of Standardized Assessments

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Working Together For Better Outcomes for All


The project employs knowledge translation (KT) principles to develop materials for patients and care partners, and enhance resources for clinicians regarding standardized assessments. Standardized assessment is the core of evidence-based rehabilitation practice. Patients may have limited knowledge and understanding of how clinicians use standardized assessments to monitor progress and not all clinicians and organizations routinely use them. This project leverages the Rehabilitation Measures Database (RMD) developed under previous NIDILRR funding as a KT resource to provide clinicians with summaries of assessment instruments.

Project objectives:

(1) Improving patients’ and care partners’ understanding of standardized assessments.

(2) increasing students’ readiness and ability to incorporate standardized assessments into practice.

(3) promoting rehabilitation clinicians’ routine use of standardized assessments.

(4) dissemination of information on standardized assessments to patients, care partners, students, and clinicians.


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Researchers work in partnership with graduate programs to involve faculty and students in the development of enhanced resources for the target populations—patients and care partners, students, and rehabilitation clinicians—as well as adding new instruments to the RMD related to function, disability, and health; and in producing new instrument summaries in peer-reviewed journals.

Project outcomes include improved patient understanding of standardized assessments and increased use of standardized assessments in rehabilitation practice. Research results are disseminated to all stakeholders through the RMD and at professional association conferences. Products include a comprehensive, enhanced RMD; educational webinars; and KT strategies to promote knowledge and confidence in assessment use.

Publications and News


Grant was awarded in September 2020. Publications to come. 

Project Staff:

Our Mission


Rehabilitation Measures Database has gained widespread for being the go-to resource for benchmarks and outcomes. The goal of this Disability Rehabilitation Research Project is to promote patient-centered care by developing a comprehensive and coordinated set of knowledge translation (KT) resources for patients and care partners, students, and clinicians that enhance and sustain the use of standardized assessments as part of evidence-based practice. Effective KT will ensure that we will reach multiple populations for the greatest benefit to individuals with disabilities.


Knowledge Translation - Disability Rehabilitation Research Project is funded by The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR).

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