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Can H-Reflex down conditioning reduce spasticity in stroke survivors?

IRB Protocol Number STU00210256


Nina Suresh



  1. To study the effects of reflex training as a new intervention to help with spasticity, a motor impairment that can occur during the recovery after stroke.
  2. Who can participate: no significant arm pain in the arm, with tightness and spasticity

Note: spasticity is not an exclusion criteria

Who Can Participate

  • diagnosis of stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic origin)
  • at least 1 year post injury
  • ability to follow 1 step command
  • able to position arm/hand comfortably in the recording device
  • no significant arm pain, tightness/spasticity present in the arm.



Provided- $10/hr

Age Range

Adults (18-85)

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