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Power Forward Study: A Cross-Sector, Multisite Clinical Trial of a Powered Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis

IRB Protocol Number STU00217395


Shenan Hoppe-Ludwig, CPO, Research Prosthetist-Orthotist


The goal of this clinical trial is to evaluate the impact of using the Nomad powered KAFO in people who have had a musculoskeletal or neurological injury that has affected their ability to walk. The main questions it aims to answer are to quantify the effectiveness of the Nomad in improving mobility, balance, frequency of falls, and quality of life in individuals with lower-extremity impairments compared to their own brace, over three months of daily home and community use.

Who Can Participate

Individuals regularly use a unilateral or bilateral KAFO or SCO or other passive KAFOs for impairment due to neurological or neuromuscular disease, orthopedic disease, or trauma.



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