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Woman with left arm amputation above the elbow looking at smartphone in right hand

Clinical Trial

Intuitively-controlled Virtual Reality to Treat Phantom Limb Pain

IRB Protocol Number STU00213205-CR0002




To investigate the effect of two different forms of virtual reality training as a treatment for phantom limb pain.

Participants in this study will:

  • Have a 20-minute screening phone call to verify appropriateness for this study.
  • Participate in 2-4 assessment and training visits (in-person or virtually) with a study team member.
  • Use an at-home phantom limb pain management system with virtual reality games, for 8 weeks.
  • Complete follow-up questionnaires (in-person or virtually) after 16, 24 and 32 weeks.
  • Participate in this study for approximately 9 months in total (in-person or virtually).

Who Can Participate

Participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an arm and/or leg amputation(s) or limb difference(s)
  • Be English-speaking
  • Have experienced phantom limb pain at least twice a month.
  • Have been on the same pain medications for at least 1 month, or not taking pain medication.

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Compensation will be provided.

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