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Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Attending Physician Featured in Nationally Syndicated Article on New Rapid Blood Test to Assess Mild TBI


A news article on a new rapid blood test that can determine if someone has sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) featured insight by Hollis Bell, MD, attending physician, Brain Innovation Center. Originally published in Verywell Health, the article has been syndicated in Yahoo News and other national media outlets.

By detecting biomarkers of brain damage in the blood, this new test can help medical professionals determine whether a further CT scan is needed for assessment. Currently, an estimated half of people who suspect they have a concussion, which is a form of mild TBI, do not get it checked.

Dr. Bell provided context on how this test can lead to more accurate diagnosing and treating of TBI, and fewer unneeded CT scans (which are expensive and result in radiation exposure).

“Biomarkers are definitely part of the future of brain injury care, and not just for concussion,” she said. “They will revolutionize our ability to diagnose, treat, and monitor more accurately and less expensively than the current care models in use.”

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