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AlterG Treadmill Training






The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill uses an unweighting technology that allows you to push your training further after injury or mobility impairment.

The AlterG reduces gravity’s impact from 20%-100% of your body weight allowing you to train longer, faster and safer. The AlerG lift access is capable of lifting clients up to 400 lbs and provides security and safety while entering and exiting the treadmill.

Using the AlterG can enhance performance for those who have met their physical therapy goals. It allows to further strengthening and conditioning for lower extremity injuries with less pain and impact.

Benefits of AlterG training:

  • Improves strength, mobility and balance for those with neurological conditions that inhibit mobility e.g. Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury
  • By reducing the stress to joints and muscles it provides a safe and pain free way to exercise for those looking to lose weight and geriatric population
  • Gives you the confidence and ability to walk or run longer with less pain

Two types of appointments are available. Both types are one-on-one sessions with an exercise physiologist trained in the use of the AlterG:

  • 45-minute appointment with 45-minutes on AlterG (including set up): Includes gait training, walking/running, AlterG personalized exercise program, video monitoring, 45 minutes on AlterG.
  • 45-minute appointment with 25-minutes on AlterG and 20-minutes of prescriptive exercise programming: Includes gait training, walking/running, AlterG personalized exercise program video monitoring, 25 minutes on Alter G (including set up) and 20 minutes of prescriptive one-on-one exercise program aiming to further develop physical skills to maximize “functional mobility” such as: walking, running, balance, strengthening exercises.



Single Session of 45-min


Single Session of 25-min on AlterG with 20-min Exercise Prescription


5-Session Package


10-Session Package


How to prepare for your appointment:


The AlterG comes with compression shorts that ensure an airtight seal. You will be wearing the AlterG shorts over your own clothing so please wear comfortable, non bulky workout pants or shorts to your appointment. In addition, you are required to wear clean athletic/running/walking shoes.

Clients interested in AlterG Treadmill Training must be prescreened to determine if AlterG is an appropriate exercise.

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