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Vocational Rehabilitation Services




We conduct comprehensive interviews with you to review your pertinent medical, educational and employment information. Then we work with you to develop a personalized vocational rehabilitation service plan that meets your needs.  Here are some other methods and services we offer to help get you back on the job.

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation
We assess your transferable work skills, achievement level, aptitudes and interests. We summarize the information in a report that outlines your employment abilities and placement potential.

Work Trial Assessment
A work trial assessment places you in an unpaid, short term work experience that helps us to evaluate your job skills, work style and endurance level.  This also can provide you with an opportunity to apply your skills in a real business setting, which allows you to gain experience and develop new competencies.

Return-to-Work Evaluations
If you were working at the time of your illness or injury, you may receive services under our Job Retention program.  As part of this program, we can consult with your employer to determine whether you can resume previous or alternative job duties.  We evaluate work-site accessibility and work with your employer to help determine if accommodations are necessary.

Job Placement 
If you are currently unemployed or looking for a career change, we can help you in the development of your short and long-term career goals, and help you to identify areas of employment interest.  Job Placement services can assist you in revising and editing résumés and cover letters and facilitating mock interviews. Participating clients are encouraged to attend biweekly job lab sessions in order to become proficient in conducting independent job searches.  Independent counseling sessions are also available as needed for clients. 

Job Retention
Every year, the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab staff successfully place more than 100 people in jobs.  Several years ago, we began following our clients for one year after placement and have discovered that 86% of them are still working after one year after placement!  

If you're a  business interested in getting involved with the AbilityLab Vocational Rehabilitation program, please visit our Business Board page for more information on how to learn about best practices for welcoming people with disabilities as part of your team. 

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