Timothy Haswell, MS

Tim Haswell, MS

Biomedical Engineer III
Neuromuscular Control and Plasticity (Perreault) Lab
Neurorehabilitation and Neural Engineering (Pons) Lab

About Me

Tim supports research efforts by building and programming data acquisition and motor control systems, fabricating custom fixtures, and maintaining lab electronics. He also manages IRB protocols and trains students on research procedures.


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

355 East Erie St

Chicago, IL 60611

Education & Training



    Marquette University, Milwaukee Masters of Science, Biomedical Engineering
    Marquette University, Milwaukee Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

  • Designing, building, and programming new research devices.

Neuromuscular Control Lab

Our lab is focused on the mechanisms underlying the multijoint control of movement and posture in able-bodied individuals and in individuals with neuromotor pathologies. Specifically, we are interested in understanding the relative contributions of intrinsic muscle properties, limb geometry and neural activation in the control of whole limb function.

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