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Stroke is the leading cause of chronic disability in the U.S. with more than half of survivors left with persistent limited arm functionality after physical therapy. Our lab is studying the muscle activation that is abnormal with limited interaction between related muscle movement.

This research project focuses to restore hand and arm functionality to people who have experienced a stroke, and incurred paralysis. Using wearable devices called myoelectric computer interfaces (MCI) and video game interface the study aims to gather information to help reduce abnormal muscle coordination. Participants are able to stay in their own home, and come to limited lab sessions.


The goal of this research is to develop a new therapy for stroke using a wearable device to improve motor function by decoupling abnormally co-activating muscles.


MCI results


Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is evaluating a new rehab therapy using wearable devices and a video game interface to improve arm movement after stroke. Participants use these wearable devices, called myoelectric computer interfaces, to play video games using their arm muscles. This therapy may help reduce abnormal muscle coordination and potentially lead to improved arm function. Training in this therapy will take place primarily in the convenience of your home, with some sessions in the lab as well.

Who Can Participate

  • Had a stroke more than 6 months ago
  • No large impairment in vision (with glasses), memory, language or concentration
  • Not currently participating in another study on the affected arm
  • Actively recruiting - contact us or click here to go to clinical trial sign up page

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