Pat Maher Headshot

CROR says "Thank You, Pat Maher”


The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) is pleased to highlight our Advisory Committee board members for their advice and support starting with Pat Maher. Maher is a senior strategy, relationship development, management, and tactical implementation executive with vast experience in start-ups. He has deep experience in disability employment and advocacy, medical rehabilitation, and venture fundraising channels. He has held leadership positions within non-profit boards serving the disability community for more than 35 years and has a keen sense of their operating environments and its complex influences on an organization’s success. As SPR’s Director of Civic Engagement, Maher continues a personal and company initiative that fosters and develops key civic partnerships. This initiative includes acting as a liaison to multiple research teams to create work and career opportunities for people with disabilities. Maher has been an instrumental part of the RRTC team by leading conversations and raising concerns to support our clients. His advice and suggestions have improved all of the RRTC projects, and we are happy and honored to have Pat as one of our advisors.

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