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Our lab investigates and promotes various methods of neural priming for neurorehabilitation in individuals with severe upper limb hemiparesis.

Priming is a behavior change generated by previous stimuli.  Methods of priming easily implemented in the clinic are our priority.  We are also interested in examining methods that probe underlying neural mechanisms in the more severe population.  We are dedicated to investigating those individuals who, due to perceived limitations, are typically not enrolled in studies examining post-stroke functional connectivity. Our long goal is to challenge assumptions that individuals with severe arm impairment have diminished capacity for neural plasticity.

Priming is a nonconscious process associated with learning where exposure to a stimulus alters the response of another stimulus (Stoykov, Corcos & Madhavan, 2017).  Our goal is to examine various methods of neural priming that enhance post-stroke motor training for individuals with severe upper limb hemiparesis. We examine both behavioral changes and neural mechanisms