Parkinson's Disease & Neurologic Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation treatment plans for Parkinson's Disease & Neurologic Conditions improve the ability to move, think clearly and speak with greater volume.
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Parkinson's Disease Amplitude-based Training

PWR! Fit is an advanced level group exercise class that incorporates the latest approach to exercise for early staged individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
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IDEAS for Mental Health Education & Support Series

Sign up now for our new education and support program for people with Parkinson's and their care partners!
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Our ProjectsTake a look at a few of the projects we work on everyday.

Ongoing Studies

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Expanding our IDEAS for Mental Wellbeing in Parkinson’s disease: Interactive Demonstrations, Education, Activities, and Support

This program study aims to increase knowledge and awareness of mental health issues in Parkinson's Disease by providing education and resources to develop personal strategies for a greater quality of life.

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Assessing Patients Experiences with Telehealth Services at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

This study involves filling out online surveys about your experience using telehealth services, sharing your demographic and your comfort level using telehealth.

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PAIRing up to address neuropsychiatric concerns in Parkinson's Disease

This anonymous online survey aims to better understand the needs and priorities for clinical care, education, support, and research regarding neuropsychiatric issues in PD.

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