What a CHAT session may look like!

Meghan Morrow





Monday - Friday
Sessions: 9:30-11 AM, 1:30-3 PM, and 3-4 PM


22nd floor - Arms & Hands Lab
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
355 E Erie St
Chicago, IL 60611

Explore Upper Limb Exercise Opportunities After Neurological Condition or Impairment


The Community of Hand Ability Training (CHAT) Program is a FREE program offered by the Perez Lab Team in the Arms & Hands Lab. It is a fun, community-oriented group program that explores the use of games, upper body exercises, and cutting edge robotics for anyone with a neurological condition that affects hand and upper limb function. This program is not considered therapy, however it gives individuals a free and accessible opportunity to continue practicing their upper body mobility and strength post-injury. Started in October 2019, the program soon had to transition to online Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, we are excited to be back in person!


Exercises that we focus on



Using two or three fingers to open clips, moving pegs into elevated surfaces, moving ball bearings out of putty, are some examples of pinching exercises that we do!


Using your whole hand to open jars, containers, grasp large or heavy objects, ripping apart lego towers, give your whole hand a workout!


Fine motor movements requiring a high level of control and finesse. Games such as Kerplunk, Perfection, Operation, Battleship offer a challenge for all!




Monday - Friday
Sessions: 9:30-11 AM, 1:30-3 PM, and 3-4 PM

22nd floor Arms & Hands Lab
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
355 E Erie St
Chicago, IL 60611

How do I join? 
If you are interested in participating, please contact Meghan Morrow at mmorrow02@sralab.org or 312-238-7794.




  • Individuals with neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury or stroke
  • ≥ 6 months post-injury
  • Ages 18-80
  • All levels of hand function are welcome to participate!




BURT Hand Training Robot:

The BURT is an FDA-Approved neurorehabilitation device that is designed to enhance plasticity for those affected with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and anyone with a neurological condition affecting the function of their upper limbs.

​The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (The nation's #1 rehab hospital) and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital (#2) are both running clinical trials on the efficacy of BURT.

​For more information check out its website here. 


BURT Robot!


Looking Glass:

The Looking Glass is a novel therapeutic robotics device intended to enhance elbow and shoulder mobility. It includes interactive 3-Dimensional games with sensors and augmented reality. This is an exclusive piece of technology to the Arms & Hands Lab and for the CHAT Program.

Looking Glass!


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