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Our Patients are Our Priority

You want to recover what’s most important in your life. Meet some of our patients and innovative programs that make it possible.

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An Active Life with Cerebral Palsy

Born with CP, Michelle started receiving rehabilitation when she was only 6. Since then, she has made amazing changes and now leads a full, active teenage life.

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BOTOX used to manage spacticity

Spasticity Clinic

Spasticity rehabilitation aids children and adults who experience functional loss, contracture and pain due to CP, MS, brain/spinal cord injuries or stroke.

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Computerized Motion Analysis

We offer sophisticated gait assessment for children and adults at the Computerized Motion Analysis, one of the few of its kind in the Chicago and the U.S.

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How We Heal

With CP patients, we focus on mobility, communication, self-care and education. Throughout our Innovation Centers and Ability Labs, doctors, therapists and scientists work together, toward your best outcomes.

Science-Driven Care

We have 350 clinical studies under way — some specifically CP-related. For example, we’re testing novel stretching and assistive devices (software, toys, splints), as well as exploring CP at the cell level. We offer you access to the world’s most advanced research that can directly impact your outcome.

Biologics Lab

Explore what biomedical research is about within Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

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Clinical Trials & Research Studies



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Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Registry

The aim of this project is to develop a registry of research volunteers for recruitment purposes at the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research.

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Our Clinicians

Meet our doctors who have dedicated their lives to helping children and adults with CP.

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