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Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA®) (Compact Disc)


With Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA®), the person with aphasia repeatedly reads sentences out loud, together with a speech therapist. ORLA® was developed to treat reading comprehension. Research studies showed that some people with aphasia also improved in:

  • Speaking
  • Listening and understanding
  • Writing

This computer version of ORLA® was designed for home practice. It was developed as part of a research study. Now we are working on a study with a new version of ORLA®. In the meantime, we wanted to make the original computer version available to people with aphasia.

ORLA® sentence

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Cherney, L. R. (2010). Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA): Impact of Aphasia Severity on Cross-Modal Outcomes in Chronic Nonfluent Aphasia.  Seminars in Speech-Language Pathology, 31, 42-51.

AphasiaScripts® (download for Windows PC or laptop)


AphasiaScripts® is a software program designed for script practice. It uses a Personal Animated Therapist (PAT).

PAT speaks with correct mouth and tongue movements. She gives therapy instructions and says words and sentences along with the person with aphasia.

The AphasiaScripts® Player comes with 20 scripts. The AphasiaScripts® Editor lets you write and record your own scripts. Repeated practice can help the person with aphasia speak the sentences more clearly and accurately. Research to test the efficacy of AphasiaScripts® had positive results. Note: You will need a Windows PC or laptop to run AphasiaScripts®. It does not work on Mac computers or on tablets.

For more information or to purchase and download your own copy of AphasiaScripts®, please click here.

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