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Highly consistent temporal lobe interictal spike networks revealed from foramen ovale electrodes.

A day in the life: a qualitative study of clinical decision-making and uptake of neurorehabilitation technology.


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Development of an EMG-Controlled Serious Game for Rehabilitation.

Interictal spike connectivity in human epileptic neocortex.


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Reshaping Movement Distributions With Limit-Push Robotic Training.

Visual Limit-Push Training Alters Movement Variability.

Neglect-Like Effects on Drawing Symmetry Induced by Adaptation to a Laterally Asymmetric Visuomotor Delay.

Robot Training With Vector Fields Based on Stroke Survivors' Individual Movement Statistics.


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Forces That Supplement Visuomotor Learning: A "Sensory Crossover" Experiment.

Learning new movements after paralysis: Results from a home-based study.

Transfer of dynamic motor skills acquired during isometric training to free motion.


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Sensory Recalibration from Visually Amplified Rotations While Walking.


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Enhanced assessment of limb neuro-mechanics via a haptic display

Learning redundant motor tasks with and without overlapping dimensions: facilitation and interference effects.

White matter microstructure changes induced by motor skill learning utilizing a body machine interface.

Error augmentation enhancing arm recovery in individuals with chronic stroke: a randomized crossover design.


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A "virtually minimal" visuo-haptic training of attention in severe traumatic brain injury.

Mirror versus parallel bimanual reaching.

Augmented dynamics and motor exploration as training for stroke.


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Learning Kinematic Constraints in Laparoscopic Surgery.


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Visual error augmentation enhances learning in three dimensions.

Haptic/graphic rehabilitation: integrating a robot into a virtual environment library and applying it to stroke therapy.