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    Get to know Dr. Mitra Lavasani and learn about the groundbreaking research she is conducting.
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    Video: The Future of Osteoarthritis

    Learn how Dr. Lavasani's research is working to optimize the non-operative treatment of individuals with knee osteoarthritis to avoid or delay the need for total joint replacement.
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    Selected Publications

    Systemic Transplantation of Adult Multipotent Stem Cells Functionally Rejuvenates Aged Articular Cartilage.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common and debilitating joint disease of advanced age and has no universally effective therapy. Here, we demonstrate that systemic transplantation of adult multipotent muscle-derived stem/progenitor cells (MDSPCs)-isolated from young mice-rejuvenates the knee articular cartilage (AC) of naturally aged mice. This intervention reduced expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines (Tnf and Il1a) and catabolic matrix-degrading proteinases (Mmp3 and Mmp13) in aged…

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    mTOR signaling plays a critical role in the defects observed in muscle-derived stem/progenitor cells isolated from a murine model of accelerated aging.

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    Biologic strategies to improve nerve regeneration after peripheral nerve repair.

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