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Pulmonary Outpatient Program




When breathing deteriorates, participation in your usual activities-standing, walking, bending over, bathing and dressing-become a strain. The panic associated with shortness of breath can greatly affect your life, too, making you physically and socially less active. Pulmonary rehabilitation can impact your breathing ability, endurance and activity to allow you to get back to your life and learn effective disease management strategies.

Our Comprehensive 8-Week Program


Phase II Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an 8 week program that meets 2x/week. Patients undergo treatment addressing limitations in mobility through exercise and education. Each component is 60 minutes in duration with 2 weekly exercise and 1 weekly education classes. Your expert team will consist of pulmonologists, physical therapists (PT), respiratory therapists (RT), exercise physiologists, social workers and dietitians

Pulmonary specific education topics covered include: 

  • The Benefits of Exercise
  • Stress Management, Anxiety Prevention and Social Support
  • Relaxation Techniques and Diaphragmatic Breathing/Meditation
  • Respiratory Anatomy, Vital Signs, Pulmonary Function Tests and Disease Processes 
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Coping with Chronic Disease
  • Nutrition Information
  • Advance Directives 

For treatment addressing exercise and functional mobility, patients perform a combination of strengthening exercises, learning breathing strategies, stretching and most importantly, performing cardiovascular exercise. The first step in our process is to do an assessment of your current abilities and establish goals. Our expert team will measure your physical capabilities and assess your psychosocial and nutritional health to ensure we have a complete understanding of your specific needs.  

While participating in the program, you’ll make gains through a combination of exercises, education, and goal-centered care.  The cumulative desired outcome is to improve your ability to complete day-to-day activities with greater ease, as well as to increase your endurance and overall activity level. 

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