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Lydia Sibley


Lydia Sibley, Research Assistant.




Nicole Broda

Nicole Broda, Research Assistant.


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Shannon Strader 2

Shannon Strader, Summer 2019.

As 4th year Medical Student, Lincoln Memorial University

DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Ata Atabe

Ata Atabek, Summer 2019.

As Undergraduate Student, Northwestern University.


Summer students 2018

Summer 2018, from left to right:

Austin F. Menezes, as 1st year Medical Student, University of Cincinnati.

Fabria Jno. Baptiste, as Undergraduate Student, University of Maryland.

Wendy Gross, as Undergraduate Student, Lake Forest College.

Margaret Hammersley


Margaret Hammersley.

As M.S. Candidate 2016-18, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University.




Angela M. Taylor, Summer 2017.

As 1st year Medical Student, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Jo Hendriksen

Johanna Hendriksen, Summer 2017.

As Undergraduate Student, Lake Forest College.


Eric Tang, Summer 2016.

As Undergraduate Student, University of Chicago.


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