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Listing: Accessible Pools with Hydraulic Lifts in Chicagoland

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Mar 7, 2023


There are over 70 pools in the Chicago Park District.

A pool is considered accessible if it has an accessible path of travel to the pool and one or more of the following: zero depth entry, ramp, lift, ADA stairs.

Enjoy open swims, family swims, lap swim sessions and various classes including learn to swim, at a park pool.  The Chicago Park District manages 49 outdoor pools, 28 indoor pools and operates 14 Chicago Public School pools that offer community programs.  Indoor pools are open year-round, with the exception of some school pools which have seasonal variations to their schedule. Outdoor pools are open from mid-June through Labor Day.  Most pools have accessibility features such as ADA stairs, pool lifts, and zero depth entry.  At a few locations with pool lifts, direct wheelchair access to the pool area may still be limited.  Enjoy water fun in the parks!

Chicago Park District - Map List of Accessible Pools

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