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In the News: POPSUGAR Features Dr. Maria Reese on Menstrual Cycle’s Potential Effect on Sports Injuries


Does training affect men and women athletes differently? Do hormones play a role in fitness? Can your period make you more susceptible to sports injuries? In a recent article in POPSUGAR, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Maria E. Reese, MD, medical director, Performing Arts Medicine Program, and sports medicine attending physician, shared her insights in a Q&A that touched on:

  • common injuries that occur more frequently in women
  • how menstrual cycles may affect risk of injury
  • other physiological differences that can lead to increased injury risk in women
  • the “Female Athlete Triad,” the interconnectedness of menstrual cycle, bone health, and energy availability

“It is important to remember that hormones are just one of the many possible factors that can influence injury risk. Furthermore, research regarding injury risk and menstrual cycle hormonal fluctuations is in its infancy. Therefore, currently it is not recommended that the data regarding menstrual phase correlation to injury risk be used to inform exercise practice/participation or specifics of training,” said Dr. Reese. “In order to minimize risk overall, it is important to maintain strength, maintain flexibility, optimize technique, avoid overtraining, cross train, and optimize your energy availability — hydrating, fueling, and getting rest!

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