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In the News: Jessica Curran & Oliver Rivera on WGN Demonstrating Injury Prevention Tips & Golf Performance Assessment


Jessica Curran, DPT, clinical manager, Outpatient Therapy, and Oliver Rivera, master physical therapist, Adaptive Sports and Fitness Center, were recently featured in a segment on WGN’s Daytime Chicago, highlighting Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Adaptive Sports & Fitness Center.

“At this center, we are lucky to host three different areas: physical therapy, adaptive sports and functional fitness,” said Jessica. “All these different groups collaborate with each other. By having physical therapy housed within this building here, we’ve been able to create a lot of new programs such as the Golf Performance Program.”

Then, Oliver demonstrated this program’s Golf Performance Assessment.

“We analyze a golfer’s swing, looking at things like their mobility using a Titlist Performing Institute Screen, using slow-motion video analysis. And then, we look at their overall mobility, strength and power,” he said. “From that, coupled with the physical history of that person, we can create a great plan to not only improve their performance on the course, but also their longevity on the course.”

Jessica and Oliver finished the segment with a demonstration of simple exercises to help prevent injuries during summertime activities.

Watch the full story on WGN’s Daytime Chicago.

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