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Performing Arts Medicine’s Kathleen Darley, Lindsay Backiev & Dr. Maria Reese Spotlighted


The Summer 2022 issue of “United in Wellness” — a newsletter from Chicago Dancers United — included reflections from Shirley Ryan AbilityLab's physical therapists Kathleen Darley, DPT, and Lindsay Backiev, DPT; and Maria E. Reese, MD, medical director, Performing Arts Medicine Program, and attending physician.

The three clinicians shared insights on their experiences in the Performing Arts Medicine Program, and specifically on what they like most about caring for patients with dance-related injuries and conditions.

“I am convinced there is no place quite like Shirley Ryan AbilityLab when it comes to collaboration between clinicians,” said Kathleen. “Our collaboration makes all the difference for faster recoveries and return to performance.”

Chicago Dancers United is a charitable organization that provides financial assistance for preventative healthcare for local dance professionals. As an official partner of the organization, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Performing Arts Medicine Program team will lead dancers in physical therapy prior to their Dance for Life performance on Saturday, Aug. 13, at the Auditorium Theatre.

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