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Advantage Program


In addition to expert clinical services, AbilityLab provides advisory and staff training services to healthcare organizations across the world that are seeking improved operating performance, clinical staff development or facility design support. 

AbilityLab Scholars Programs


We create customized AbilityLab Scholars Programs to export clinical and operating best practices in rehabilitation. We are dedicated to advancing the ability of healthcare professionals by sharing the latest scientific discoveries and clinical practices that are changing outcomes for patients. Through our continuing education programs, we have helped thousands of Physicians, Nurses, and Allied Health Therapists advance in their field and deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

  • Clinical Scholars: The Clinical Scholars program provides competency training on rehabilitation topics within target populations such as stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, pediatrics, cancer as well as functional training including Multidisciplinary Team Training, Rehabilitation Nursing, and Wound Care.  Formats include immersion programs, classroom and virtual learning, and return demonstrations to practice skills. 
  • Operational Scholars: Our Operational Scholars Program provides training for operating leaders to deepen their understanding of the operational process, metrics, and performance management to become stronger leaders.  We can also provide training on international regulations such as Joint Commission International. 

Strategic Facility Planning


In addition, many international providers are struggling with capacity management as patients are spending more time in acute care beds because of the lack of available discharge options.  

Our Strategic Facility Planning services can help organizations make better informed decisions about the number of beds required across the post-acute continuum, alleviating pressure on acute care and potentially reducing the cost of expensive facility development.  We understand that different cultures and environments require unique solutions and our teams are experienced in finding creative solutions to solve difficult facility challenges. 

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