C-STAR: Ultrasound Elastography as a Tool for Understanding Muscle Function

Description: A muscle can turn thought into action, altering its force and mechanical properties in response to neural commands. These purposeful changes in muscle properties underlie the control of posture and movement; changes in force can create movement while changes in stiffness can resist unexpected disturbances and help maintain stable interactions with our environment. Consequently, a fundamental challenge common to the fields of biomechanics, motor control, and physical rehabilitation has long been measuring muscle force and stiffness in health and disease, yet there are no rigorous methods for doing so noninvasively. This presentation will explore our studies into the promises and limitations of using ultrasound elastography for this purpose.

Instructor: Dr. Eric Perreault, Chair Engineering Core Leader, C-STAR; Research Scientist, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab; Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Northwestern University

Targeted Audience: Early Career Scientists and Students  

Accreditation: None Offered


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