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Wheelchair Rugby


1770 W. Centennial Park, Addison, IL


Wednesdays: 7:30–10:00 pm &
Sundays: 9:00 am–12:00 pm

Competitive Season

September - March

Practice Season

September - May


Kyle Hitzelberg
312-238-5005 or khitzelber@sralab.org


Wheelchair rugby is often described as a combination of football, hockey and basketball in a wheelchair. This sport is played with four players on a team on a basketball court. For a complete set of rules and information on wheelchair rugby, please refer to the United States Wheelchair Rugby Association (USWRA). 

Any individual with impairments in three or more extremities may be eligible to play. This may include but is not limited to spinal cord injury, post-polio and cerebral palsy. All athletes in the USWRA must complete a classification process to play the sport. More information on classification can be found on the USWRA’s website.

Our team, the Chicago Bears Wheelchair Rugby Team, is a member of the USWRA. The Chicago Bears are a D3 wheelchair rugby team that travels to tournaments as a competitive program. The team is comprised of advanced and newer athletes who are learning how to play. No experience is necessary to attend practices with the Bears.

There is no cost to play rugby with the Chicago Bears. Athletes must register and have a current medical form on file with Adaptive Sports in order to participate.

For more details and participation information contact, Kyle Hitzelberg at 312-238-5005 or khitzelber@sralab.org.

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