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Vocational Rehabilitation Frequently Asked Questions




Whether you have questions about the nature of our specific advantages to vocational rehabilitation programs or are just curious about if you or a loved one might be eligible for vocational rehabilitation, the answers are here.

Can you help me with Short-Term and/or Long-Term Disability?

  • Yes!

Can you help me with Accommodations?

  • Yes! We consult with your employer to determine whether you can resume previous or alternative job duties.  We evaluate work-site accessibility and work with your employer to help determine if accommodations are necessary

Can you help me understand my rights under Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

  • Yes! We do help clarify your rights and further explain what employers are and are not allowed to ask you. We will go in-depth and address what other concerns you may have regarding ADA and disclosure. You may find more information on the ADA's website.

Can you help me go back to school?

  • We can be a pathway to get you on the route to school through Department of Rehabilitation Services

Can you help me clarify what jobs I qualify for?

  • Yes! we can help you in the development of your short and long-term career goals, and help you to identify areas of employment interest.  Job Placement services can assist you in revising and editing résumés and cover letters and facilitating mock interviews. 

Will finding a job affect my Benefits?

  • Depending on the source of your benefits, employment can have an impact.

How do I get a Referral?

  • Referrals can be made by any physician, allied health professionals, and community agencies such as the Illinois Department of Human Services-Division of Rehabilitation Services Counselors (DRS). 

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