Nurse prepares for Telehealth visit


Preparing for Your TeleHealth Visit

Preparing for Your TeleHealth Appointment


If you have scheduled an appointment for a telehealth visit with your therapist, please ensure you prepare these following steps prior to your scheduled meeting time.

  1. Confirm you have the correct date and time for your visit. Ensure your device is working properly prior to your visit.
  2. Familiarize yourself with WebEx video conferencing technology. Watch the following tutorials on how to meet, based on your device.
  3. Charge the device you will be using for your appointment, prior to your visit.
  4. Choose an appropriate space for your appointment. As a best practice, we recommend:
    • Well lit room
    • Safe space to move
    • Minimal background noise
  5. Be prepared to share your exact physical address and an emergency contact number.

We look forward to seeing you for your TeleHealth visit!

Connecting with an iPad/iPhone


Connecting with an Android Device


Connecting Through Your PC Browser


Connecting Through Your Desktop App



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