Soul Moves First



Shirley Ryan AbilityLab treats people with the most severe, traumatic and complex injuries and conditions. As a result, recovering from them requires daunting months, and sometimes years, of rehabilitation therapy. The journey is often difficult and the emotional and psychological journeys are equally so.

We offer patients the best chance of the best recovery — even against all odds. We provide the best rehabilitation care in the country, if not the world. What is the first gift we give our patients? Hope. We ignite hope. Our people, our expertise, our hospital, our culture together inspire hope.

Before one step is taken, before one breath can be independent, before the first try-out with a new prosthetic arm, the spirit or soul needs to believe in that hope. Each patient needs to summon courage and inner drive. Each needs to believe in himself or herself and trust the experts.

Our courageous patients have taught us that if we ignite the inner fire with hope, they can do the rest. The “Soul Moves First” vision for our rehabilitation services is our way of saying that the spirit needs to move before the body can. If you believe that you will be able to improve, then you will have the emotional and psychological power to make the first move, and every little and big one along the way.

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